We help people grow into their best selves.


Growth—for an organization or individual—is not always a given. It takes commitment, time and tenacity. And it isn’t always a journey that you can make on your own. We are here to help.




TalentEd Consulting partners with you to elevate and expedite your growth, whether as an organization, newcomer or individual.


We collaborate with organizations—big and small, in Canada and globally—to develop and manage their talent both strategically and tactically.

People Plan
Organizational Development Architecture & Processes
Program Design & Delivery
Program Facilitation
On-Call Advisory


Starting a career in a new country is hard. We can help you transition through this change, whether you are a newcomer to Canada, getting set to welcome a newcomer to your team, or heading overseas to work.

Program Design
Program Delivery
Individual and Group Coaching


TalentEd Consulting can help elevate your growth. We are here to listen, toss around some ideas, share some tools and coach you along your career path.

Career planning
Individual Coaching

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No one can climb a tree without any branches.



About Us



TalentEd Consulting is rooted in solid knowledge and experience.

I've had the privilege to collaborate with organizations both in Canada and globally, to set up conditions for their people to grow into their best selves, as individual contributors, managers and senior leaders. Over the years, my greatest joy has stemmed from watching people and organizations elevate themselves to realize their potential. It never fails to inspire.

Besides a BA, I have an MBA from McGill University. I have attained my CTDP accreditation and am certified in various psychometric assessments. At the moment, I am working towards attaining my Global Professional Master of Law (GPLLM), with a concentration in Law of Leadership, at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.

Living, working and travelling globally, however, has been my primary classroom. I have lived and worked in several countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Here in North America, I have lived and worked in three provinces, in addition to serving clients in many U.S. and Canadian cities. Thanks to all that change, I speak, read and write five languages, and have left my footprints in over fifty countries.

My career’s underlying thread has been to be a bridge between people and their potential. For additional details, check out my LinkedIn profile.