You are on the precipice of so many possibilities. How do you want to grow?


TalentEd can help elevate your growth.

We have done some living.

Which means that we too have questioned our paths, sought help navigating them, dusted ourselves off once in a while and gotten back out there. We certainly have not been in your shoes, but we can speak from life experience. 

We have also tested out the frameworks and tools we share with you on ourselves; we stand by them as practices that work. We are here to listen, toss around some ideas, share some tools and coach you along your path. Oh, and we listen very well. 


Our Approach

Whether you are looking for support navigating your overall career path, or coaching in a specific development area, our approach is customized to meet your unique needs.



Collaborating to develop a personalized career development plan that sets career aspirations, clearly marked milestones, and the specific tasks to get there


Using diagnostic tools to raise your self-awareness of strengths and areas of development, and coaching you along your development path


Mentoring you through your transformation



Carving Out a Career Path
Defining Success For You
Setting Stick-to Career Goals
Finding Your Authentic Voice
Perfecting Your Presentation Skills
Taking Risks with Confidence
Presiding Over Your Time & Priorities

How can I maintain my sense of urgency?

One female professional was stuck. She had enjoyed some initial career success but was now feeling complacent and unsure what to do next. TalentEd Consulting partnered with her to figure out her next career chapter, and what she should do on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to get there.

What makes me, me?

Nowadays it’s all about your personal brand, but determining it can be hard. We worked with an individual to formulate his unique value proposition. He is now actively using it as he seeks out his next career opportunity.