Talent is the linchpin to your organization’s success.


Developing and managing your talent is both a strategic and tactical undertaking.  

TalentEd Consulting has the breadth of knowledge and the depth of experience to partner with you on all aspects of your proactive people practices. We are unique in that we have worn all the hats in the talent management realm. We have developed the big picture strategy, and been tasked with figuring out how to execute it. We have been the consultant partnering with a team, and the HR employee partnering with talent management vendors. We have designed programs, and we have been asked to deliver them. We have led teams, and we have been individual contributors. 

Whether you're looking to address a specific need in your team, or develop a comprehensive roadmap, we can help.

Our Approach



We connect with stakeholders to determine your organization’s people needs and priorities


We develop a plan to meet your organization’s current and future talent needs


We set up organizational development architecture and processes to manage and develop your talent


We deliver program(s) or source facilitators to deliver them for you


We provide coaching to team members as they implement the process, policy, protocol or program



Setting New Managers Up For Success
Strategic Planning: From Vision to Action
Developing Leaders of Leaders
Conducting Effective Behavioural Interviews
Honing Your EQ in the Workplace
Building Business Acumen
Navigating the Workplace As An Introvert
Steering Your Team Through Workplace Change
Realizing Your Potential (hi-po program)
Interweaving Civility Into Your Workplace Culture

Need some help with the bigger people picture?

If you are not even sure where to start, we are happy to come in and conduct a needs assessment that can be developed into a phased roadmap that sets your people up for success.

Looking for support delivering talent initiatives?

If you need to address a specific need, chances are we have developed a similar program that can be pulled off the shelf, or customized just for you. We can then deliver it to your employees, or source an experienced facilitator from our extensive network.